Electronic Travel Registration & Information Service

What is eNTRI?

Electronic Travel Registration & Information (eNTRI) is an online registration facility officially provided by the Government of Malaysia to facilitate the entrance of Indian Nationals into Malaysia under the Visa Waiver Programme. This program is privately assistting by Windows Malaysia. To be issued as proof of the registration and is required to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia.

Who can apply for eNTRI?

All Indian Nationals in India and expatriates residing all over the world excluding Singapore.

How long can I stay with eNTRI?

An eNTRI holder is entitled to maximum of 15 days for each visit. Each application can only be used once.
No extension is allowed.

How do I get started?

  • For first time applicant, you are required to "I'm new" to start your application process.
  • For existing applicant, you have"Returning User" to your account.

What are the terms and conditions for eNTRI?

  • Upon completion of registration, applicants are required to print out the eNTRI Note, which must be presented upon arrival in Malaysia.
  • eNTRI facility are available from April 1st, 2017 until December 31st 2018 for All Indian nationals only excluding Singapore.
  • Applicants with direct flights from India to Malaysia or may enter Malaysia via Singapore, Thailand and Brunei via the following options:
  • By air
    • Kuala Lumpur International Airport , Sepang (KLIA & KLIA 2)
    • Penang International Airport, Pulau Pinang
    • Langkawi International Airport, Kedah
    • Melaka International Airport, Melaka
    • Senai International Airport, Johor
    • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
    • Miri International Airport, Sarawak
    • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
    • Labuan International Airport, Sabah
  • By land
    • Sultan Iskandar Building Immigration Checkpoint, Johor
    • Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint, Johor
    • Padang Besar Checkpoint, Perlis
    • Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint, Kedah
    • Sungai Tujuh Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak
    • Tedungan Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak
  • Applicant also must have a return flight ticket to India, Singapore, Thailand or Brunei.

What are the documents needed upon arrival at Malaysian entry checkpoints?

This following documents are required to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia entry checkpoints:

  • eNTRI printout
  • Boarding pass
  • Sufficient funds (Cash/Debit or Credit Cards with Union Pay logo / Travellers Cheque)
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Confirmed returned flight ticketst

Updated 31 December 2016